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New Year and its Resolution Time, but How do you Make them Stick?

Try one resolution at a time…. 

To be successful at your New Years resolutions use the power of ‘habit’ and make it stick

Change One Habit at a Time

Studies show that when changing a single behaviour the likelihood of retaining it for a year or more is 80%. Trying to change 2 behaviour patterns reduces success rate below 35% and 3 or more drops to less than 5%.

Start Small

When making any kind of lifestyle change it is best to start small and build. Begin by choosing one easy behaviour to change e.g making sure you drink more than 4 cups of water a day, take a multi-vitamin every day,  sleep at least 7-8 hours per night or walk every lunchtime if it is not raining.

Habit Changing Guidelines

Make sure the habit you are looking to develop is practical and can be fitted into your lifestyle and make sure it is easy to measure. The combination of these two will give you confidence to support your commitment.

Give it Time

It takes a minimum of 21 days and an average of 66 days to form a new habit. If you miss a day here or there it shouldn’t derail the process. Do not get discouraged but the first few days seem to make the biggest difference, so be particularly diligent at the beginning.

Key to Success

The crucial factor for changing a long-term behavior (habit) is your ability to set realistic goals and accept that your success is developed through a sequence of small steps that are simple and practical.

Start Now

And remember even small changes will make a difference!

Why not look back

Our Resolutions 2016, some things never change!

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