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At The Spine Team we use the Patient Centred Model to provide treatment, we listen to you, understand your life, explain your problem and help you change things to get you better and keep you better.

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After many years in Practice, Gordon since 1983 and Annette since 1996, it was clear that the old ‘injury model’ for back pain did not work, most back problems show no sign of an injury to explain the pain on even the most up to date scan.  A new model was needed.

The Spine Team was started in 2004 by Gordon Linscott and Annette Williams to develop a multi-disciplinary approach to Back Pain. The Patient Centred Model considers not just what happened when the pain occurred but also what your experience is like and why you were vulnerable at that time, helping you to understand, manage and recover from your problem and the pain it causes.


Chiropractic has been described as the ‘ultimate model for alternative care’ as it combines a clear science based treatment with a philosophy that recognises the patient as an individual whose unique life has a significant effect on their well being, thus it is the patient who is treated not the ‘problem’. The adoption of The Patient Centred Model in the scientific literature supports this approach of treating the ‘whole’ patient, putting the patient in control of solving the biomechanical pain source and helping them gain understanding and control over the other aspects of their problem.

Chiropractic is known for the manipulation or ‘adjustments’ that are used as part of the hands on treatment, but the scientific literature suggests that is only one part of the effect and the Patient Centred Model used at The Spine Team is one way of understanding how we get results that treatment alone cannot.

Acute Back Pain Service – Fast, Thorough and Convenient

For recent onset Back or Neck Pain we provide fast access to advice and treatment. It is our goal to offer an appointment within one working day. You will get the same highly experienced screening available for longer term problems and the same explanation with treatment and advice. We know you all have busy lives and therefore we make this as convenient as possible offering good parking with clinics starting at 07:00hrs and ending at 20:00hrs.

Chronic Back Pain Service – Understanding and Control

Consulting us for Back Pain of onset from weeks to years earlier, which may be recurrent, constant or varying, will allow us to put you in control by providing you with understanding of what has gone wrong, why and how you can help yourself.

Some Chronic Back Pain is simply Acute Back Pain that has failed to recover because it is routinely aggravated by your normal life. So either we need to identify the ‘problem’ in your life and remove it, or we need to identify the ‘weakness’ in you and make it ‘stronger’.

Unfortunately patterns of pain that are consistent are learnt by the body, it sensitises and over-responds giving increased pain, thus it is also the pain which needs to be understood and controlled. This is called a Chronic Pain Syndrome and is a significant problem in Chronic Back Pain and why it seldom responds to treatment alone.

Patients with Chronic Back Pain leave The Spine Team with a much better understanding of their problem and what they need to do to help, whether that is better management of themselves or of their environment.

Please call or email if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment.

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