Our fees for consultation and follow up visits assume self pay on the day, we do deal with third party payers including all the major health insurance companies


Our fees for consultation and follow up visits are discounted for self payment on the day with concessions for senior citizens, children and the un-employed. A discount for your consultation (first visit) is available for new patients recommended by one of our existing patients, please make sure you inform reception when booking in who referred you so you can qualify for this arrangement.

Consultation is your first visit

  • Self pay on the day £50.00
  • Patient recommendation £45.00

First Treatment with Consultation

  • Self pay on the day £25.00

Follow up Treatments/Visit

  • Self pay on the day £50.00
  • Concessions £45.00
  • Children £25.00


Our concessionary rate is available for those 65 years or older, students and those who are unemployed and actively seeking work.

What to expect when you come to see us

Our consultation fee includes taking a full history, giving an examination, explaining the findings and, for uncomplicated problems of recent onset, discussing treatment options. If the problem is of long standing then history is likely to be more complicated and there may be information needed or decisions that need to be made before treatment can commence, this will be explained to you at the time and treatment will commence at your second visit.

Our follow up visits include an update on the situation since the last visit, an explanation of any changes and treatment and/or advice and exercise. Each time we see you we conduct a review informally, we set goals during the course of treatment and use these as more formal reviews. Nothing is set in stone and everyone is unique but making sure that your expectations and ours are aligned is important as it directly affects outcome.

Treatments are usually given in a course, as a general guide the more recent the onset and the less previous history you have the faster we might expect you to respond and, therefore, the less treatment you will need, there are of course exceptions!

If you wanted to get a rough idea of overall commitment then the national average for chiropractic treatments per new problem is seven, given the above fee structure therefore, a course of treatment for a new problem would cost about £350, however as already explained there are exceptions and everyone is, to a degree, unique. However given our experience (26 and 39 years respectively) and our level of post graduate study we expect to provide a detailed understanding of your problem and give you an exact idea of what is going on, why and what you can expect from treatment.

If you have any questions at all please call our reception on 01256 466666, use the phone icon in the sidebar or email using our contact us page.

Please call or email if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment.

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