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Chiropractic First Visit

On your first visit to The Spine Team you will be welcomed into the clinic and after some paperwork you will be seen by your practitioner for a consultation, an examination and an explanation so you understand the problem and what therapeutic plan is being recommended

Your first visit

Your first visit is the consultation, you will be welcomed into the clinic and asked to fill out some paperwork, this is important and will be relied upon, please provide full disclosure.  As chiropractors we specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of mechanical pain pain that is non surgical, non malignant back pain.  Our first job is to ensure that you have mechanical back pain which is done during the consultation.  Mechanical back pain is very common, about 97% of all back pain, but if something else is causing your pain it is likely that the paperwork you fill in will help us identify it.

We would then do an examination to determine which structures are involved in producing your pain, this may well involve removing some of your clothes, we provide gowns for the female patients if they feel they would be more comfortable.  It is important to us that your dignity is preserved but also that we are able to carry out the examination necessary for your condition.

Once the examination is complete we may be in a position to explain your problem to you and propose a treatment.  There are occasions where further investigation may be indicated and this will be discussed with you, or we may ask you to take time to think through what we have proposed before treatment begins.


Depending on the problem we may be able to do treatment on the same day.  Treatment is likely to include soft tissue work and manipulation, but you understanding the exact mechanics of the pain and how to help yourself is central to the way we work and may differentiate us from other clinics.


It is highly likely that the treatment plan will include advice on self help although although that will depend on the problem.  We may propose another parallel treatment, for example massage, or some exercises during the course of treatment, again that and the reasons why will be explained.

Your time with The Spine Team

As a new patient you would have to allow about 40 to 50 minutes for your first visit but subsequent visits would need less time.  Chiropractic treatment durations can vary depending on the type of problem, who you are and the stage we are at, sometimes it is very straightforward and sometimes it is not.  This does not affect our fee, you get what you need on the day and if necessary we will ask you to re-schedule so that enough time is available if a difficulty has not been expected in the appointment.

We like to think that we are easy to talk to and feel it is very important that you understand what is going on.  If there is any part of this process with which you are not happy please speak to us, both our staff and practitioners are happy to help.

Please call or email if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment.

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