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Back Pain in Basingstoke

Gordon Linscott started working in Basingstoke to treat back pain in the 1980s taking over The Basingstoke Clinic from Keith Lamont in 1984, moving to Cliddesden Road in 1997 and then starting The Spine Team with Annette Williams in 2004 we moved to our current Clinic at East Barn, Lychpit Centre in 2018

Back Pain Services in Basingstoke

It is our current mission to provide back pain and biomechanical services for the people of Basingstoke according to the latest research.


Our hours are by appointment during normal office hours with clinics covering early mornings on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, lunchtimes on Mondays and Thursdays and later evenings on Mondays and Thursdays.  We understand that convenience of appointment times and convenience of parking and public transport are important in todays lifestyle, our parking is extensive and free and there is a bus stop immediately outside the car park.  There are disabled parking bays outside the clinic.

History of the practice

When Gordon came to Basingstoke in early 1984 Keith Lamont, an Osteopath, headed up The Basingstoke Clinic, an alternative medicine practice with a number of specialities.  As Gordon’s principle interest was Back Pain and as other practitioners moved on this became The Basingstoke Chiropractic Clinic.  Keith Lamont retired in 1987 the practice moved to Cliddesden Road for 17 years expanding steadily.

During this time the study of the science of back pain medicine altered there were a number of key changes that occurred.  In the 1980’s back pain was widely regarded as an injury, it was becoming exponentially more of a problem with time off work, a trend that did not alter until the mid 1990s.  With the advent of MRI scans in the late 1980’s research on back pain increased and by the late 1990’s a new evidence base was being formed suggesting that there was no relation between most of the findings on X-Rays and MRIs and back pain.

This lead to the formation of our new practice, The Spine Team in 2004.  This research based change preceded the acknowledgement in 2008 that the “injury Model” should be abandoned and a new model for back pain was needed.

The Spine Team

The model for back pain treatment in Basingstoke used at The Spine Team places the patient not the problem at the centre of the model.  This “Patient Centred Model” considers not just what the patient has but who they are and considers the way they lead their life and how they understand and manage their problem is as important as treatment.

Treatment and understanding are sometimes the easy things to do, persuading people to change their life is harder!  At The Spine Team we try and ensure that advice for lifestyle change is practical, after all giving good advice that cannot be taken cannot really be considered useful!  At the same time patients who just want their long term problem fixed without making any changes themselves may be on the long road to disappointment!

Please call or email if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment.

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