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Moving July 2018

After 15 years in Brighton Hill we are moving!!

We close on Friday 20th July 2018 and open at our lovely new building in Lychpit on Wednesday 2018!

Our telephone number will remain the same but while we sort out the transfer of numbers we are using the mobile 07860930745.

Our Building

East Barn is a former Brew House that was either built as part of the Basing House Estate circa 1530 or was built soon after the eventually successful end to the series of three sieges of Basing House by Oliver Cromwell in 1643. So robust was the resistance of Basing House that Oliver Cromwell decreed that no new house could be built on the grounds and the material of the house was to be freely available for local building. When you visit our building you will see the ancient (part restored) doorway that may have formally been a small external door or possibly a statement window from Basing House.

Recent History

East Barn became Dr Anne Marie May’s ‘East Barn Surgery’ in the 1970s until it amalgamated with the former Lychpit Surgery above Tesco. It was then, rather briefly, East Barn Dental Clinic, but that closed we understand in 2016/7 and the building had been left empty since. When we first viewed it in February 2018 it was extremely hard to love but at a subsequent visit we decided we could wave the magic Scandinavian wand and make a brilliant combination of Old English charm and Contemporary Danish style to create our own clinic, professional with hygge!

So with many thanks to the very helpful, and currently still here and generating a combination of oak dust and Danish oil aroma, Mark Yerbery our carpenter, and Andy and Chris from Housewright, decorators. As I write we are sat here surrounded by boxes and gearing up to being open on Wednesday!

Finding Us

We are easy to find off the Lychpit end of the Great Binfields Road near the Tesco Express. This is on bus route 14, the Cromwell Inn stop. There is ample parking including three disabled bays at the top of the car park by the Cromwell Inn (now an excellent Indian restaurant), we are in the square accessed between the Cromwell and the ancient Parish Hall. Please be aware that a ‘satnav’ may take you down Bartons Lane to Little Basing, there is no access through from there.


We are all very excited and whether you are an existing patient, a new patient wanting an appointment with Gordon, Annette, Chelsey or Gail, or a curious local resident wanting to know what is happening on your doorstep, Caroline and Deborah will proudly show off our new building!

Please call or email if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment.

01256 466666