At The Spine Team we consider biomechanics to include all the muscles and joints of the arms and legs and how the forces are transmitted movement and maintained in posture

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At The Spine Team Bio-mechanics and Sports Injury deals with the transmission of forces through the body on both static postures and exercise based loads.  Some of these are local to one joint system and are easy to correct and others require a fundamental change through the whole structure.


Back Pain in Pregnancy

Sports Injury

Chelsey Hudson studied sports injury at De Montfort University in Bedford, radiating with a first Class Honours degree.  Sports Injury implies that it is an injury relating to sport but at The Spine Team we consider all extremity injuries in the same way, affecting all ages and all activities extending from contact sports to walking or gardening.  The main difference between them is the mode of onset, was the cause an event due to bad luck, such as a twist, jolt or fall, or was it due to a fault in technique or overload as a normal part of the activity due to poor technique or over training.

Bio-mechancial Assessment

When looking at the injury we assess whether it can be considered short term, of recent onset as a result of a specific event, or has it built up or is it persistently aggravated by continuing activity.  If it is the former then treatment, advice and exercises often gives a good outcome; if the latter then bio-mechancal assessment to consider what is going wrong and how it can be changed is essential to recovery.

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