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Coronavirus and Covid-19 Update from The Spine Team

4th January 2021


We remain open during the current coronavirus pandemic

The current situation is very difficult for us all particularly with the THIRD lockdown. We are all concerned about the spread of the virus and ensuring that we are doing everything practical to reduce the rate of infection. Infection rates are now higher than previously and the care for our patients remains a priority.

We are aware that seasonal flu and ordinary colds will occur but even if you have had no known contact with a Covid-19 sufferer you should self isolate for seven days if you develop symptoms and get a Covid-19 test, if someone in your household suffers you should isolate for 10 days or until they have a negative result for a Covid-19 test.

Current practice arrangements

We are currently providing a service for our existing patients and any new patients who are in need and who are not considered to be at very high risk or showing signs of being ill.

We are hoping to provide options for people struggling to get care as the burden on the NHS increases and non-Covid related care is cancelled or delayed.

We continue to practice in accordance with Covid-19 guidelines from the Government and the General Chiropractic Council (GCC).

On 4th January we once again uprated our safeguarding procedures

Please arrive on time, if you are early wait in your car or outside. At the time of your appointment please come through the door wearing a face mask, use the hand sanitiser and wait inside by the door or sit in one of the chairs 2m apart. You will then be given a temperature check. Please attend your appointment on your own if at all possible; please give very careful consideration to the need for being accompanied, an extra person in the area increases the risk to all.

As infection rates are high we have to once again balance a ‘risk vs probable benefit’ assessment for each patient

Government guidelines for everyone has been to keep healthcare appointments to prevent problems worsening. However while the pandemic continues so does the need to reduce risk of infection both to you and to ourselves when we see you.

For those patients at risk, those over 70 or those with other health conditions putting them at risk of hospitalisation with Covid-19, we will make individual judgments about which patients should be seen face to face and whether special conditions should be in place for a visit, we may contact you in this regard and will continue to help patients by telephone or email where practical. When making an appointment please make us aware if this is the case for you.

We continue to manage without secretarial or reception help to reduce the number of people in the building and therefore reduce risk to our patients and to Deborah. All contact by phone, text or email will be handled by Gordon and Annette, please be patient it is not always possible to take calls immediately so leave a message we will return your call, email is a very good way of getting hold of us although we have no secretarial support.

We are not currently able to offer Massage or Sports Therapy.


We can be contacted by phone on 01256 466666, by text on 07860 930745 or email to gordon.linscott@spineteam.co.uk, info@spineteam.co.uk and a.storm1@me.com.

Could you be ill?

It is imperative before considering your need for face to face consultation that you are not experiencing any signs that you may be unwell and possibly have Covid-19.

If you have a temperature, a loss of sense of smell, a new repeated dry cough or shortness of breath then you should self-isolate for one week, or for two days after your temperature is back to normal, and the whole of your household should be informed and should self-isolate themselves for 10 days from the first day of your symptoms. Please do not attend the practice.

If you do develop difficulties breathing please ring 111 immediately for advice. 

We continue with our action plan:

  • To determine the necessity of a face to face appointment by assessing each patient and their need to be seen at the clinic, a balance of individual risk vs individual probable benefit using published relative risk factors. 
  • To facilitate social distancing by scheduling spaces between appointments reducing the number of people in the building and ensuring a 2 metre distance between any 2 people in our two waiting areas.
  • To ensure the environment is as safe as possible by providing hand sanitisers and washing facilities on entering and leaving the building, disinfecting hard surfaces and encouraging payment by bank transfer or contactless payments. 
  • To minimise the risk during treatment so although some contact may occur the majority of a face to face visit will be conducted with respect to social distancing and where that is not possible the use of a face mask.
  • To invite anyone who would prefer to do so to wear their own PPE throughout their visit.


We will be explaining all these procedures to all appointed patients but there can never be no risk.

By accepting an appointment or entering our building it is assumed that patients accept that risk and have balanced it against their need to be seen and on that basis are deemed to have given consent.

Annette and Gordon

Please call or email if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment.

01256 466666