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Christmas should be fun! We have all heard the complaints that it is expensive, stressful, with too much food and booze but the festive season can also have hidden benefits and this is why

Christmas can boost your health


Most people enjoy a good old singsong at Christmas and according to Swedish researchers singing helps to control our breathing, regulate our heartbeat and our pulse concluding it is “a great aerobic exercise, giving your heart and lungs a fantastic workout”.

Giving and Receiving

Studies show that when we give and receive the brain releases the feel-good chemicals dopamine and serotonin. Giving also releases the ‘cuddle’ hormone oxytocin, it literally does ‘feel good’.

Family and Friends

The average family spends just 36 minutes of quality time together a day, according to recent research. Yet a separate poll reveals 95% of parents believe the key to happiness lies in spending quality family time together.

Being on Your Feet

Although our perception of Christmas is slumping in the sofa, watching our favourite movies, we actually spend more time on our feet. Parties, Christmas shopping, slaving away in the kitchen mean we are far less sedentary than usual.

Christmas Food is Packed with Goodness

While eating your bodyweight in roast potatoes, sausages and thick gravy is not healthy, when you look at the components of Christmas dinner with white meat, vegetables, chestnut stuffing and a steamed fruit pudding it is about as wholesome as a meal gets! Just steam the vegetables and keep the gravy and cream light!

Make Use of Your Time to be Active

Rather than just a good walk after lunch on Christmas Day try and get out every day and enjoy the winter weather, a snowball fight is great activity and over Christmas there is time to be active as well as having a good rest!


Yes we know many resolutions bite the dust before the end of January, but at least we start thinking about possible health improvements after Christmas.  So enjoy a Happy Christmas with singing, presents, family and friends, activity, good food and a few resolutions.

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Christmas Opening

We are open until Friday 23rd December 2016 and then closed for Christmas. We are running clinics during the holiday period on the Thursday 29th and Friday 30th December 2016. We open again as usual on Tuesday 3rd January 2017.

May we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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