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Gail – Massage Therapist

Gail Evans is the Massage Therapist at The Spine Team, as a very experienced practitioner she offers our patients an holistic individual service to our patients with long term back pain as part of our maintenance programmes

Gail Evans, a fully qualified Sports, Complementary and Beauty Therapist.

Gail graduated from the Arnould Taylor Organisation in London and went on to qualify as a teacher.  She became the Co-Ordinating Lecturer for Holistic Therapy at Basingstoke College of Technology in 1994, which she retains.

While keeping her teaching career going in Basingstoke her practice career has been very varied, working in Canada with both cyclists and boxers, in Holland looking after Olympic team members and Mr Universe and in London supporting the participants in the charity ‘Moonwalk’ with massage services throughout the night which she hopes to continue every year.

Gail strongly believes in promoting the effectiveness of Complimentary Therapies integrated with Orthodox Medicine and in 2011.


Please call or email if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment.

01256 466666