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Chelsey – Sports Therapist

Chelsey Hudson BSc (Hons) graduated with a first class honours degree in Sports Therapy in 2014 and The Spine Team welcome her as its latest member

Chelsey Hudson

Chelsey Hudson graduated from the University of Bedfordshire with a First Class Honour degree in Sports Therapy in 2014.

Sports Therapy appealed to Chelsey as it offered the chance to combine her interest in sport with healthcare and her desire to do something practical to help people.

Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy works mainly on the joints and muscles of the limbs but all are dependent on having a stable base from which to deliver force, that may be the same for a performance athlete to run, jump or throw, a contact sportsperson needing to stabilise in the contact area or the recreational sports participant needing to be able to get the most from their body to fully enjoy their activity.  All of these goals are the same for other activities such as walking or gardening.

Chelsey is interested in following patients through treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of injury.  Often the diagnosis and treatment is less difficult than rehabilitating them successfully back to their activity, particularly if that was how they became injured in the first place.

Helping patients overcome problems that interfere in both sporting and daily life, regardless of age and ability and practising in an interdisciplinary team has also been a goal for Chelsey and in that respect she is a perfect fit for The Spine Team.


Her experience to date includes delivering Sports Therapy and First Aid roles with football teams, the London Marathon 2012-2014 and the Triathlon World Championships in London.

Chelsey believes in the importance of trying to understand how an injury occurred, considering its rehabilitation in the context of the whole body, whether it be short term ‘acute’ injury, a longer term ‘chronic’ breakdown or recurrent problem, and enabling the patient to return to their desired level of fitness and participation.

Please call or email if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment.

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